Grand Prix Rules


The WCRRC Grand Prix’s will both return in 2017. Please read the guidelines below and keep for your own information.
**Races must be run while a member. Anyone joining in progress will be eligible as of the date of membership and may not use races run prior to membership.

l. A tentative list of races is below. Changes and additions will be made as soon as possible. Not all races are confirmed as of this printing.
Whiskey Rebellion (July) Pumpkin Festival 5K (Sept)
Barnesville 5K (April) Rain Day 5K Great Race 5K/10K (Sept)
Debbie Green 5K (Aug) Chamber Chase 5K (Oct)
Brookline Breeze 5K (Aug) Jack O’Lantern 5K (Oct)
Rails to Trails 5K (May) Donora 5K (Nov)
Dock To Lock 5K (May) Labor Day 5K (Sept) Turkey Trots (Nov)- 2
Run For Alex 5M (June) Little Great Race 5K (Sept) Trot For Tots (Dec)
Homeless 5K (June) Heroes 5K/15K (Sept)

with others to be included


2. To qualify, you must run or walk 5 of the above races.
3. It is the responsibility of the runner to report times to Grace Goffi (724-745-4029) or through the race submission form on this website.
4. A separate Walking Division will use the above races.
5. The standings will be posted monthly in the newsletter.
6. The Grand Prix is age graded. Your age on race day will be needed to score you.

l. Any race 15K or longer can be used. No races are chosen by the WCRRC.
2. Four (4) races are needed to qualify.
3. The LDGP begins January 1 and ends December 16.

2 thoughts on “Grand Prix Rules

  1. Hey can someone update this list?
    I know the Lindsey race is not happening
    The Run for Ryan was on the list last year and hopefully part of the Grand Prix?

    1. Hi Tina. The Running for Ryan is on the GP. Forgot to put it on the original list. I will take the Lindsay race off. Thanks for the update.


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